Unity 3D Development

Unity Dance Video

Playing around with Unity Timeline to create a dance/Capoeira video.

Characters/Environment: Unity Starter Files - SciFi City
Animations: Mixamo
Music: Afrika Bombaataa and The Soul Sonic Force - Looking for the Perfect Beat

Project Boost

4 level platform game where you need to land the rocket on the green landing pad. Sample project part of the Unity 3D Game Developer course on Udemy.

View Game (best on Chrome)

Space Bar - Fly Spaceship
A/D Keys - Rotate Counterclockwise/Clockwise

Realm Rush

Castle defense sample game part of the Unity 3D Game Developer course on Udemy

View Game (best on Chrome)

You have 3 towers that can be placed on blocks that don't block the path of enemy movement.

Click on a block to place a new tower that will shoot the enemies.

Towers cannot be placed on blocks where the enemy traverses

Gun Runner

First person shooter horror game made as part of Udemy's Unity 3D Game Developer course

View Game (best on Chrome)

*Note: game may run slow machines without powerful graphic cards

Keys & Buttons:
WASD - Move Character
Mouse Scroll Wheel - Change Weapons
Left Mouse Button - Fires Weapon
Right Mouse Button - Zoom in on Scope (for middle weapon)
Esc - Exit full screen

Dr. Marques J. Hardin
Creative Technologist