One of the biggest motivations in my personal life is movement, and being able to control and master your body. This has come in many forms (yoga, martial arts, and even attempts at parkour), but the two primary areas for me have been Capoeira and Slacklining.

I've been actively training Capoeira since 2011 in both Los Angeles and Cambridge UK, and while I have a few years of slacklining under my belt, I'm still relatively inexperienced and trying to develop when I can.

Helipad Capoeira

A beautiful Winter day out joining the Capoeira Collective, playing a little Capoeira Angola at the Griffith Park Helipad.

Beach Slackline

Slacklining in Santa Monica beach during a summer visit home.

Barnsdall Art Park Slack

One of my earlier experiences slacklining at Barnsdall Art Park.

Mill Road Winter Fair Capoeira

Grupo Negaca Capoeira was invited to perform at the Mill Road Winter Fair in Cambridge, UK, 2016.


Capoeira with the Capoiera Collective Angola at Griffith Park.