About Me

I am a creative technologist and researcher fusing technology and multimedia to create immersive, engaging, and interactive mediums for knowledge exchange.

I'm currently a learning technologist developing simulation-based learning experiences and placements for students in the health, education, medicine and social care faculty at Anglia Ruskin University.

Prior, I was a researcher fellow for the StoryLab Research Institute investigating the use of new media, technology, and multi-modal techniques (including film, 360 video, web and game technology) for storytelling and delivering original narratives that drive social impact.

I additionally have 10+ years of experience in commercial and corporate audiovisual production, as well as experience in computer programming and digital circuit prototyping.

I have degrees in electrical engineering and audio and video technology, and obtained my Ph.D through practice-based research investigating the development and opportunities of the Internet of Things and networked technologies for facilitating distributed real-time audio production with interconnected audio hardware.

My specific interests center on immersive and interactive storytelling, especially stemming from user-driven and non-linear narratives.

General interests include:

  • Creative & Immersive Experiences|Engagement
  • Audio, Video, and Entertainment Technology
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Unique Data Visualisation and Interpretation
  • Small Electronics and Prototyping

Dr. Marques J. Hardin
Creative Technologist