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I've spent 10+ years working as an Audiovisual Specialist, primarily working in conference services for a range of organisations including universities, hotels, production companies, and research facilities/think tanks.

capturing sound with funny hats

I've worked in AV through high school and college, but started my professional career providing audiovisual and media support at the Glendale, California Consumer Products campus of The Walt Disney Companies. I worked in this field until I commenced my Ph.D research, and was even able to travel to the U.S Capitol in Washington D.C to provide AV support for Behavioral Finance Hearings.

Behavioral Finance Hearing
Behavioral Finance Hearings @ Dirksen Senate Office Building

Audiovisual experience includes: operating sound boards for live audio mixing, filming and video recording, recording audio podcasts, lighting, videoconferencing, live webinar and webcast support.

conference room equipment install
laptop and screen setup
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behind video camera
laptops on desk
sound equipment on desk
Large conference room with screen
Large video conference screen
At Sound desk in conference
At table hosting webinar
In Control Room with Laptop
Picture of Dummy Head in Studio
PSAV Fashion Show Setup
PSAV Fashion Show

Dr. Marques J. Hardin
Creative Technologist