Simulated Learning

Below are snippets of projects I've worked on to develop simulation-based learning experiences for the Health, Education, Medicine, and Social Care faculty at ARU.

Adobe Character Animator Lip Sync Animation

Testing Adobe's Character Animator and using transcript-based lip sync to animate the mouth movements of a self-captured animated character.

Deepmotion Walk Cycle Retargeting

Using DeepMotion to create a character rig to retarget movements for a secondary character in Blender.
Walk cycle video by Kevin Parry - 100 Ways to Walk

Hello, Maria

Testing voice recognition and control to animate our virtual service user, Maria using

Rigging Maria

Rigging our 3D character, Maria, in Blender to be used as an animated, virtual service user in health and social care simulations.

Dr. Marques J. Hardin
Creative Technologist