Development and Evaluation of Internet of Things Technologies for Music Production and Creative Collaboration

The Internet of Things (IoT) facilitates a major paradigm shift where electronic devices across the world can be connected over computing networks to accept, collect, and exchange data.


The traditional music making process relied heavily on physical, hands-on equipment and the ability to access dedicated resources in order to make, mix, and process audio.

Music Studio
Source: Merriam Music.

Today, a majority of these processes have been replicated by digital software and patches that can be utilised within a personal production space. However, there are still many people who feel software emulations cannot fully replicate the true musical experiences of professional hardware.

IoT presents a unique opportunity to maintain past (and perhaps lost or disappearing) music production processes by promoting the "virtually-extended music studio," where remote audio hardware embedded with networking, control, and communication technology can enable digital connectivity to rare, expensive, and bespoke audio systems through the internet.

IoT music concept connecting rare, commercial, and bespoke networked audio hardware from remote individuals, collaborators, or professional studios/industries into a personal production space.

Full IoT demonstration with a central laptop controlling and additionally sending and receiving audio to and from a remote EQ and remote reverb processor

Additionally, sounds generated by reflections in unique acoustic spaces can be incorporated into real-time music production workflows for use as distributed reverb and echo chambers.

An art exhibition space in the Cambridge School of Art (Anglia Ruskin University) used as a real-time remote reverb chamber by controlling how much reflection (echo) is returned to user (*Headphones Recommended)

Exaggerated reverb example using a metal filing cabinet as a real-time remote reverb chamber

**More information regarding the control system and audio streaming can be found on the DEVELOPMENT PAGE.

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